Clarissa Lapolla


Educated from childhood to classicaI and contemporary dance in Italy, Clarissa decided to  devote herself to  photography after more than ten years on the stage as dancer. She graduated in 2013 at the Academy of Teatro alla Scala, focusing on dance photography. She manages to make her way in her field, thanks to complete knowledge of the  world of dance and technical acquaintance, learned in the Academy but especially from her father, first Clarissa’s teacher.


She’s the official photographer of several dance companies like “Breathing art dance company”, “Jackovits baiIet” and dance events in Italy. Clarissa works in prestigious festivals and events of the highest leveI as “New Friends Festival” (Newport, US),  “TanzArt Ostwest Festival” (Germany), “Tones on the Stones” (Verbania), “Camerata Musicale Barese” (Bari), “Bicentenario of Accademia del Teatro alla Scala” (Milan), “London Pro Dance” (London), “Dance Open Ballet Festival” (St. Petersburg), “Danza in Fiera” (Florence), and others more, increasing her professional experience in national and international dance competition  as “lnternational dance competition Domenico Modugno”, “Winter Dance Convention”,  “Premio Ondine”, “Premio San Nicola”, “Ya Salam Apulia Festival”.


Some of her works have been published in important photographic magazine as “The Photographer”, “Ballet2000” and “Kairos”.


Her projects “Dancing Bodies” and “Pas du Monde” were exhibit in istitutional places in italy,and her last project “A Sud di Donna” exhibited in Puglia, will be shown in Newport and New York on July 2018.

She’s actually the official photographer photographer and social media manager for “Camerata Musicale Barese”.


The passion for dance is touchable in her works. They show snapshots of “carpe diem” through a perfectionist style and high-impact shots, combining power, strength and energy in a single vortex, mixed to elegance, virtuosity and delicacy.


The common thread between her works is the constant pursuit of wonder and beauty that only a “dancing body” is able to express through movement, its farm of perfection. Dance researches in nature its farms through movements, gestures and gasps that express its deepest meaning and soul in many farms, from the most undemanding to the most extreme.

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